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  2015 수능완성(실전편) 원문 한글편집(무료)
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판매가격: 무료 (80page)
저작시기: 2015/01
추천독자: 전체
등록인: jugis [더보기]
카테고리: 수능 > 영어
파일제목: [15]_수능완성(실전편)_원문(쥬기스).hwp
문서뷰어: 뷰어다운로드
조회/구매: 9132 / 41 , 자료등록번호 : 182
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18. 다음 글의 목적으로 가장 적절한 것은?
Checking through my records, I noticed that you were no longer an active customer of Myers Office Supplies. When I called your office, I was informed that your company is now using our competitor from a few counties over. Your office manager, John Newman, was refreshingly candid in telling me how Myers fell short of the mark in keeping your business. I'm pleased to tell you that we have set up a whole new line of filing supplies, which Mr. Newman expressed a desperate need for. We feature a wide array of legal- and letter-size folders, as well as a variety of color-coded hanging folders. I thought you'd also be interested to know that we've established same-day delivery service and overnight billing, features that would really help your business. These services are not offered by any of our competitors. If you need additional information, please feel free to call. I welcome the opportunity to serve your company once again.

① 서비스 개선 방안을 건의하려고
② 새로 출시된 사무용품을 주문하려고
③ 당일 배송 서비스의 중단을 안내하려고
④ 경쟁사에 빼앗긴 고객을 다시 유치하려고
⑤ 기존 고객에게 경쟁사를 선택한 이유를 물어보려고

19. 다음 글에서 필자가 주장하는 바로 가장 적절한 것은?
When Steve Jobs was in the eighth grade he decided to make a frequency counter. Lacking the proper parts, the bold twelve-year-old opened the phone book and dialed one of his heroes, Hewlett-Packard CEO Bill Hewlett. Hewlett answered the phone and, amazingly, chatted with Jobs for twenty minutes about his school project. By the end of the call, Hewlett agreed to provide the parts Jobs needed and later offered Jobs a summer job at HP, on the frequency counter assembly line! The thing to remember about Steve Jobs, Bill Hewlett, and most other successful people is that they didn't get to where they are without help. In fact, most successful people see it as their responsibility and privilege to help the next generation of entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators in their journey. So if you have access to someone you admire, be bold. Politely ask for thirty minutes of their time, no matter how "big time" they are, and you might be surprised at the response you receive.
*frequency counter: 주파수 측정기

① 성공한 인물을 자기 인생의 본보기로 삼으라.
② 개인과 기업의 사회적 책임에 관해 늘 생각하라.
③ 성공한 사람들에게 조언을 구하기를 주저하지 말라.
④ 사회적 인정을 얻기 위해 개인의 꿈을 포기하지 말라.
⑤ 성공하려면 자신의 타고난 재능을 끊임없이 갈고 닦으라.

20. 다음 글에 드러난 Papa의 심경으로 가장 적절한 것은?
One morning in the early spring, Papa came in from doing the chores with an empty milk bucket in his hand. He didn't even say "Good morning" to any of us. This was so unusual that right away Mama knew something was wrong. From the cook stove where she was making our breakfast, Mama smiled and said, "You're in such a rush to plant the seeds. Is it going to rain?" "No," Papa said, in a disgusted voice. "It's not going to rain. Sally Gooden's gone again." Sally Gooden was our crazy old milk cow. "Oh, no!" Mama exclaimed. "Not again!" "I can't understand that old cow," Papa said, shaking his head. "Just last week I put an extra rail, on the pasture fence. It didn't do any good though. She sailed over it as if it wasn't even there." Turning to me, Papa said, "You'll have to find her; that's all there is to it. It's wild onion time, and if she gets a bellyful of those things, her milk won't be any good for days. We can't do without milk and butter."

① curious ② annoyed ③ sympathetic
④ relieved ⑤ delighted


2015 EBS 수능완성(유형편)


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